Revathi teaches and inculcates in her students the application of nritta and abhinaya to interpret different themes, giving significance to poetry, drama and body postures Students also become more aware of their traditions and the richness of cultural mythology through the execution of nritya.
Learning Bharatnatyam has many physical advantages. When performed with absolute concentration, this art improves body balance and provides the same physical training and health benefits as yoga. Additionally, it builds upon a student’s self confidence, a value that needs to be developed in order to ensure success. This rare combination of cultural and personal training has led to the development of highly skilled and innovative dancers at Nrityaranjani Fine Arts Academy.



  • Train and support students in the performing art of classical dance, with a primary focus on technical excellence and personal development.
  • Initiate projects in order to increase and spread the appreciation of fine art.
  • Generate awareness about art and the importance of culture in daily life.